Saturday, June 15, 2013

Life lately

A few of the things that I've seen and done lately.

Top: Bags, ready for the store. Bottom: Newly tooled leather pieces ready for dye and assembly.

Left: A sneak peek at the finished bags. Right: A friend gave me a 6 ft. tall San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi) specimen.

Top: A shopping cart full of vintage at Goodwill. Bottom: The inside view of a hand embroidered garment.

Top: A close up view of a pile of freshly tooled leather pieces. Bottom: A sneak peak at the pieces after being dyed. I'll leave the rest a surprise for later!

Top: What checking out at an estate sale usually looks like for me. Bottom: A rainbow of sheer night shirts.

 The local amusement park opened for the summer. Left: Riding through the train tunnel. Right: My carousel horse.

Top: Artichokes, what I'm currently harvesting and eating from my garden. Bottom: A blue mesh lace soaking.

Left: What I wore for a day of tooling leather and soaking vintage clothing, a 1930s silk Romanian peasant blouse. Right: A 1930s blue lace dress having a fitting after sewing repairs.

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