Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life lately...

A few snapshots from the rest of June.

Top and bottom: a sneak peek at a tooled leather project that will be in the store soon.

Left: What I wore grocery shopping, an embroidered Victorian bodice. Right: Tacking down the sequins on a 1930s blouse.

Top: A sewing project. Bottom: The novelty Egyptian print on a 1950s apron.

Left: Currently harvesting lavender. My favorite thing to do with fresh lavender is make lavender lemonade. Right: Upcyling what was left of a victorian bodice.

Top: Shoes that will be in the store soon. Bottom: Embroidering the waistband of a 1950s day dress as a clever way to cover a small hole in the fabric.

Left and right: Garden blooms.

Top: A recently thrifted 1930s depression era quilt top. Bottom: Working on jewelry, for the first time in a while.

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