Sunday, July 14, 2013

Before and After: A vintage rehabilitation

If you pay any attention to my "life lately" posts, it might be common knowledge that I spend a lot of time cleaning and repairing vintage. Thankfully most are easy sewing repairs, but sometimes, a garment needs a more dramatic restyling in order to bring it back from the dead. I recently acquired a 1920s/30s era silk lounging robe, which you can see below. The dragon embroidery on the front and the wide bell sleeves made it very cool. Unfortunately, the red embroidery had bled all over the ivory silk in many places and from the hips below there were a ton of holes and shattering fabric. So, it became a candidate for a restyle. With some red dye to and sewing a new hem at the hip, it became beautiful and wearable again!

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