Sunday, July 28, 2013

Currently Crushing on anything Zandra Rhodes

I was watching a 1970s movie, which really wasn't all that good, but one of the actresses had on the most amazing floaty, gauze caftan/dress that I think I had ever seen. I was seriously smitten, but thought I'd never see anything like it again, since it was just one scene in a movie. Well, 3 days later, the same gorgeous dress made it's way onto my Pinterest stream, with appropriate crediting. It was a Zandra Rhodes dress. And that was my introduction to her work and the start of my crush. Zandra Rhodes is a fashion designer that started in the late 1960s and still works today. My favorites are her 1970s era dresses, shown above and below. All the photos were found on Pinterest. And if you want to know which dress is the one that I saw in the movie, that started this all, it's here.

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