Monday, July 15, 2013

Life lately...

Top: Estate sale finds. Bottom: Dying fabric.

Left: A day's harvest from the garden. Right: I made a patchwork tote bag out of recycled tooled leather belts and leather scraps.

Top: I actually create out patterns for all of my tooled leather pieces, as opposed to just drawing on the leather. Bottom: My favorite part of tooling, when the 2 dimensional starts becoming 3 dimensional.

A few vintage clothing details. Left: A 1970s Asian embroidered blouse. Right: A 1950s lacy camisole.

Top: What I wore while hopping between estate sales in 110+ degree heat, an Edwardian era night gown, hemmed up to be a blouse. I wore a camisole underneath, of course. Bottom: A peek inside one of the bags of treasures that I brought home that day.

Top: Silk scarves. Bottom: An antique Japanese paper parasol both purchased at the same estate sale.

Left: A 1920s blouse drying on the clothes line after a soaking. Right: A sewing project, gets a fitting on the mannequin.

Top: Making ristras from my pepper harvest. Bottom: The detail on a 1940s era tooled leather wallet.


  1. It seems you live a beautiful life :)

  2. That Edwardian Era top you wore!!!! I'm in love!

    1. If you like it, then you should definitely check out tomorrow's post. It's chock full of gorgeous Edwardian cottons!


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