Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life lately...

Left: Vintage hanging in my studio waiting to be photographed. Right: What I wore, a 1930s depression era feedsack sundress.

Top: A custom tooled leather checkbook cover for a local customer. Bottom: What I wore, mens vintage oxfords. I wear them a lot as they just seem to go well with so many things.

Left: Experimenting with a new blue dye on tooled leather. Right: What I wore to a evening dinner with friends, a 1930s studded bolero jacket.

Top: A vintage Native American turquoise eagle necklace, given to me as a gift from my husband. Bottom: Thrift store finds including a 1950s tooled leather purse and 1940s peeptoe heels in a rare size 10!

Left: The embroidery on a 1960s formal gown. Right: My leather sewer is an antique Singer Red Eye, foreground. I recently found a second (actually part of one), background, at a thrift store which I will use for parts when my primary needs repairs.

Top: The print on a 1960s floral suitcase. Bottom: Pippi oversees the sorting of a days garden harvest including tomatoes, green chilies, jalapenos, cayenne peppers and Hopi lima beans.

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