Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Movie: The Trouble with Harry


"The Trouble with Harry" (IMDB, Wikipedia) is a 1955 Hitchcock dark comedy that I just saw and absolutely loved! The trouble with Harry is that he is dead and his body shows up in a small New England town creating all sorts of havoc as the quirky but charming locals each think that they could have caused his death, bury him, unbury him, riddle the mystery and even find love. I found it highly enjoyable and definitely recommend it.

If you've seen the movie, I've put together a collection with each character and a corresponding item that relates to the film. Enjoy!

Captain Wiles / Vintage captain hat

Miss Gravely / Vintage tea set

Sam Marlowe /  Mid century abstract painting

Jennifer Rodgers / Vintage lemonade glasses

Arnie Rodgers / Vintage toy ray gun

Harry / shovel

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