Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life lately

A few tidbits from the first half of August, other than that large theater buy out.

Left: A 1950s blue ball gown hanging on the clothes line after a soaking. Right: What I wore, a 1950s embroidered peasant dress. I'm trying to get all of my peasant dresses worn before the summer is out.

Top: A close up detail of a few 1970s ethnic printed garments. Bottom: A better view of one of them, a 1970s kimono sleeved dress. Aren't the patterns just awesome?

Top: A large tooled leather project. Bottom: A 1980s black Bali cut work blouse.

This one is a three-for. Top: It's butterfly season in the garden and I literally have hundreds of Gulf Fritillary butterflies. Middle: What they look like in caterpillar form. Bottom: The Gulf Fritillary butterfly feeds exclusively off of passion flower vines, which I happen to have, blossom pictured, all along my back fence. So every year, I get swarmed by hundreds of beautiful orange and black butterflies in the garden and it's pretty magical.

Top: Canning garden produce, this batch is sweet and spicy green chili relish. Bottom: Belts, belts, and belts!

Top: Preparing a portfolio presentation of my tooled leather work for a local client. Bottom: Resewing the hem of a 1970s blouse with really awesome embroidery.


  1. Your vintage finds are always so amazing!
    I know this may sound silly but it would be awesome if you maybe did a post about how you wash and soak vintage clothes properly, what kind of soap to use and when to use cold water or hot water. I wear a lot of vintage and I don't really know exactly how to properly clean them always.
    Hope you are having a great night!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! It would be so easy for me to do since I am always washing and could easily snap a few photos for a post.


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