Saturday, August 3, 2013

Norma Kamali's Fall 2013 Quilted Coats

While I looked at Norma Kamali's whole Fall 2013 collection, only one thing really caught my attention, her quilt coats. They are one of those things that ride the fine line between too much and very cool. So, I know some people will not like them, but I do. Maybe it's my appreciation for old quilts, or the fact that I just simply run into them frequently while thrifting, but I've even though about making a coat out of one before. I never have because I always imagined that the mix of patterns would be visual overkill. So, I am glad that Norma Kamali has made a quilt coat to prove me wrong. There is a short and a long version in her newest collection and both are pretty cool. So, maybe I will make a quilt coat one day. What do you think? Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love it. Where do I find her coats or how do I make my own? I will check back for your response.

    Thanks so much for something so unique and fabulous!!

    1. Hi! There's actually a link to Norma Kamali's website in the blog post. Her name is the link. But just in case you missed it its Her website has full information on her clothing line and where to buy.


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