Friday, August 23, 2013

Vintage find of the week: A 100 year old unfinished project

Here is solid proof that digging through sewing supplies at estate sales does pay off. At a recent estate sale I found a plastic bag at the bottom of a trunk of sewing materials. In that bag was this beauty, an unfinished late 1910s dress! It's absolutely amazing in that there is no deterioration to the silk at all. All that it lacks is a bottom hem and some of the embroidery on the front. You can actually see where the original maker stopped embroidering, below, and the drawn on design of what has yet to be embroidered.

So, I decided to finish it. The hardest part was finding embroidery floss to match, but once I did the embroidery was easy to emulate and with the pattern it was finished quickly.

Now it's just waiting a proper photo shoot and then it will be listed in the store! Enjoy!

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