Sunday, September 1, 2013

Life lately...

Left: A 1980s red and white striped silk dress. Right: Painting on my kitchen cabinets.

Top: A lot of vintage clothing drying on the line. Bottom: The contents of a bag of items that I found in the pocket of a thrifted coat. Most of them are really cool looking military pins with a very old watch and a few rings.

Left: Sewing buttons on a 1940s colorblocked dress. Right: What I'm currently harvesting in the garden, grapes.

Top: Bead shopping for a local custom made necklace. Isn't that turquoise gorgeous? Bottom: Making a chunky ethnic statement necklace for myself.

Left: A stack of vintage dresses awaiting washing. Right: The metallic silver trim detail on a 1950s dress.

Top: A 1950s blue lace dress gets a rinse. Bottom: 1970s Gunne Sax dresses drying on the line.

Left: A 1950s pink lace dress gets a sewing repair. Right: The embroidered detail on a 1970s peasant dress.

Top: A close up of a 1940s silk chiffon wedding gown. Bottom: Hiking in the mountains. We found an upside down old car with a tree growing out of the center of it in the middle of a very out of the way field.

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