Sunday, September 8, 2013

Theater Costume Saga, Episode 2

This week, I made trip number two to the theater troupe clothing warehouse! It had been three long weeks since the first trip and I was very excited. The first trip was so overwhelming that there was no plan, just pick a corner and sort. Which by the way was futile. Last trip I swear we completely cleared several racks and left them empty. When we arrived this time, those racks were repopulated with clothing, as if we hadn't been there before. I did think that I had found a magical, eternal spring of vintage for a brief time. Then I realized that maybe the theater troupe had just picked stuff up off the floor and hung it in the empty spaces, or brought more out of storage.

This trip, I went with a plan, to clear all of the clothing hanging from the rafters so that we could stop hitting our heads and so that we could get a clear view of the layout of everything else in the warehouse. This ended up being more of a challenge than I thought since a ladder was needed to reach everything, but many of the isles of clothes had clothing just thrown on the floor in piles waist deep and there was no immediate way to get a ladder to some places. In the end about 75% of the upper layer of clothing was cleared and I could finally see through some areas for the first time! Naturally, this is when I noticed that the whole back wall, floor to ceiling was shoes and had to crawl back there to check it out. Yes, I literally had to crawl over clothing piles and duck under boxes. I found not only a wall of shoes, but shoes haphazardly piled on the floor in boxes and bags. I did grab an armful of shoes before crawling back out. It was so hard not to grab them all, but I know that I'll eventually clear a path back there so that I can properly sort and bag everything. So, stay tuned and in a few days I'll post sneak peeks at what I brought home during the second trip!

 From the ground looking up at the clothing hanging from the rafters

The view from the ladder inside the rafter clothing jungle

 A small portion of the wall of shoes

Shoes piled up in toppled over boxes and bags, just sitting on the floor (below).

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