Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life lately...

Top: The print on a quilted 1970s skirt. Bottom: Mexican folk dress hanging at a flea market stall.

Left: A Mexican wedding dress. Right: A 1940s pinafore.

Left: Finding a ton of great garments on the Halloween racks at the thriftstore. I filled up a cart in less than 10 minutes! Right: A 1960s rainbow striped coat.

Top: A 1950s wedding dress getting a rinse. Bottom: Wedding dress hanging on the line to dry.

What I wore: Left, a 1990s floral maxi with a 1930s soutache covered bolero jacket. Right, A vintage huipil (with jeans, not shown).

Left: The tribal southwestern printed bell sleeves on a 1970s dress. Right: Vintage waiting to be photographed for various blog posts.

A trip to the fair!

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