Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lovely shoes and extended sizes

Finding 1950s and older shoes in my size (a US size 10) seems to be so rare that when I do find some, I end up doing a happy dance. I managed to find three pairs of 1940s shoes in my size in that warehouse of vintage I recently acquired! Which makes me very happy, so much so that I had to share. I'm not trying to gloat. It might be a feeling that many a modern vintage collecting woman can identify with, especially if they are a size outside of a clothing size XS-M or shoe size 5-8. I swear, sometimes it seems that most pieces fall in that range. Finding quality pieces in larger, extended sizes can feel like searching for the holy grail sometimes. Does anyone else fall into a larger size scenario and what was one of your favorite finds? I'd love to know! I always keep an eye out for larger size vintage clothes and shoes for the store, but I would love to know what others experience and what they are looking for!

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