Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quilted and Tooled Leather Bags

If you have been reading this blog for long, you might have noticed that I'm frequently bringing home antique quilts and quilt tops. I just love the florals. Anyway, I recently thrifted some 1950s era quilt squares, and despite the fact that there weren't enough to even make a lap blanket, I decided to keep them and use them for something else. Inspiration struck this week and I decided to turn them into a limited edition of 4 handbags. Each bag is completely one of a kind. I grouped the quilt squares by predominant colors, so each bag has a different front and back. They are all tied together by a common handle. I decided to give them all a tooled leather handle with a design inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs. (They're really pretty folk floral designs. You can see some HERE and below.)

If you are interested in any of the bags I have been listing them in the store the past few days. Pictures and links for each bag are below. Remember, since these are one of a kind, once one is gone, it's gone!

Bag #4 Purple/Grey (Coming soon!)

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