Sunday, November 17, 2013

Project: Trash to Treasure

While sorting the clothing items from the theater warehouse a month ago, I came across what initially looked liked a totally ruined 1940s blue velvet maxi dress/hostess gown. As you can see above, it wasn't much to look at. At first I put it in the trash pile, but then took it back out because it was such a nice shade of blue...and velvet. So, I thought I brought it home to possibly upcycle or rework to imitate this really awesome 1940s hostess gown I had come across on Pinterest (which you can see HERE if you are interested). The thing sat in my studio until this week, when I finally got around to doing something with it. Upon closer inspection, what I thought were tears up the front and back of the skirt were actually pant seams! So, this wasn't a 1940s hostess gown, but a 1940s lounge suit! And apart from the separated seams, there was no damage! I decided to simply resew all of the original seams and the end result is below. Doesn't it look so much better? So, this glamorous treasure will be in the store after it gets cleaned and photographed! Enjoy!

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