Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life lately...

Top: Identical pairs of shoes, just in different colors. All from the same estate. Bottom: Preparing shoes and bags for a photo shoot.

Top: I decided that I needed new slippers, so I made some from the left over scraps from my blanket coat project. Bottom: What I wore, a vintage Eastern European peasant blouse.

Top: I visited the home of a nearby vintage collector to select goodies for the store. There were so many lovely things to choose from that I wanted to take it all home! Bottom: Just some of the things that I bought and that will be making their way into the store eventually!

Top and bottom: A 1950s circle skirt with the cutest novelty bird print!  The bird's eyes are rhinestones.

Top: What I wore, a 1950s Abercrombie and Fitch nordic wool cardigan sweater. Bottom: Canning lima beans and jalapeno pinto beans.

Left: I found an old, worn smooth copper ring in the pocket o one of the coats I thrifted and decided to add some decorative engraving to it. Right: What I wore to an informal Thanksgiving shindig with friends, a 1940s rayon robe/dressing gown that I wear as a wrap dress. Isn't the beaded bird detail cute?

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