Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life lately...

Left: A 1960s lace dress drying in the shower. In the winter months, it's not practical to dry things on the line, so my shower is frequently crowded with vintage. Right: Painting my wreath banner.

Top: Selecting obsidian arrowheads for a necklace. Bottom this picture and the top of the next: Visiting a dinosaur roadside attraction. I absolutely love how this T-rex has hair! I'm pretty sure dinosaurs didn't have hair, but this one has a bit of a black mohawk, which makes me smile. And below, a stegasaurus.

Right: Baking not so Christmas cookies, from this recipe HERE.

Top: The holiday shipping season started! Bottom: Bags full of hats from an estate sale.

Left and Right: a 1970s bag that is covered in intricate ethnic embroidery.

Left: A day spent photographing a lot of clothing and hats for the store. Right: What I wore during an ice storm, a 1960s white fox fur hat and and a 1980s black military inspired princess coat.

Top and bottom: A sneak peek at a tooled leather project that I will post more photos of in the coming weeks.

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