Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life lately...

Top: Repairing a moth hole in a 1950s beaded shift. Bottom: The results of a good day of thrifting.

Left: What I wore, a 1930s pink peasant blouse. Right: A peek inside my studio.

Top: Two 1960s dress both out of similar lace, but very different styles. Bottom: An embroidery project that I will show you in a few days.

Left: A 1970s fringed paisley velvet robe. Right: What I wore, a floral maxi dress and fringed suede boots.

Top: A bunch of 1960s mod scarves. Bottom: Catching up on reading.

Left: 1970s platform oxfords. Right: 1960s blonde tooled leather purse.

Top: Drawing patterns for new tooled leather ideas. Bottom: Tooled leather miniatures to be turned into something else, which I will show you as soon as the supplies come in the mail!

Top: A 1960s chrysanthemum print dress. Bottom: 1960s mod orange Summerettes ballet flats.

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