Saturday, January 25, 2014

Movie: The Thin Man Series

I just finished watching the entire series of Thin Man movies, starring Myrna Loy and William Loy. Each movie in the series is a comedy/mystery with Powell and Loy as a brilliant detective and his wife/sidekick. The series consists of:

The Thin Man 1934 (IMDB, Netflix)
After the Thin Man 1936 (IMDB, Netflix)
Another Thin Man 1939 (IMDB, Netflix)
Shadow of the Thin Man 1941 (IMDB, Netflix)
The Thin Man Goes Home 1945 (IMDB, Netflix)
Song of the Thin Man 1947 (IMDB, Netflix)

I love the whole series! The comedic chemistry between Loy and Powell is amazing. Apparently they did 14 films together (including the Thin Man series) and it's obvious why. They are so charming together and play of off each other soooo well. That alone makes the movies worth watching. Even so, each movie does have a good, fast past mystery with an amazing reveal at the end. Of course, I payed attention to Myrna Loy's clothes, which are gorgeous! And it was interesting to watch the fashions change over time as the series went on. Overall, I highly recommend the series. Enjoy!

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