Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life lately...

Left and right: Exploring an abandoned homestead in the desert.

Top: I got a new sewing machine! Yay! Bottom: Drafting a pattern for a 1920s reproduction dress that I will show you soon.

Top: 1960s mod shoes and bags. Bottom: A sewing project that I will show you this weekend!

Left: The tassel detail on an awesome 1950s wide brim hat. Right: What I wore, a 1930s soutache trim embroidered jacket.

Left and Right: I had to make a trip to El Paso, Tx and hit every thrift store and antique store I could. These are a few shots of some of the things I saw in the antiques stores.

Left: A mountain of vintage sewing repairs. Right: A 1950s wedding gown taking a bath.

Left: A corner of the my studio during a typical work day this past week. Right: Fancy trim on a recent sewing project.

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