Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life lately...

Left: A pile of vintage clothing waiting to be hand washed. Right: Sorting seeds and garden planning.

Top: Upcycling a damaged 1950s travel bag by adding leather appliques, studs and leather dyes to cover damaged areas. Bottom: Fixing a small hole in a pair of 1950s gloves.

Right: 1980s Indian cotton gauze skirts. Left: Baking red velvet cookies.

Top: Two vintage box purses, headed for the store soon. Bottom: Drawing out a pattern for leather tooling.

Left: Tooling a leather project which I will show you in a few days. Right: A sheer 1950s lace blouse drying on the clothes line. 

Top and bottom: Pulling out a few of my collections and "playing" with them. The top is a magic lantern slide and the bottom is a stereoscope and view cards.

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