Saturday, April 19, 2014

Project: DIY Shibori Indigo Dying

This week I decided to try Shibori dying some fabric scraps. If you don't know what Shibori dying is, it is a Japanese form of dying cloth with a pattern by binding, folding and compressing it. Below I'll share how my first dying session went and show you the results! If you are interested in doing it yourself you will need 100% cotton white fabric and an indigo dying kit, the one I used is HERE. The kit comes with not only the dye but with a few wooden pieces and rubber bands to use to bind the fabric. The first step is binding your fabric. As far as binding the fabric, you are only limited by your imagination, or the binding supplies at hand. I tried four different folds and binding methods and got beautiful and unexpected results, which you can see at the bottom of the page.

After binding my fabric, I made the dye bath according to the instructions on the box. Note that this is a messy project and you really want to wear gloves and do it outside. When the dye is ready insert your fabric and have fun! It's really interesting because the dye bath is actually a yellow/green color and the fabric comes out the same color at first. It turns indigo with oxidation, basically 20 minutes of fresh air. When you are happy with the level of blue produced by oxidation, rinse, unbind and wash the fabric. Then you are done!

Unbinding and unfolding the fabric is like opening presents on Christmas! It's so amazing to see what the dye did and how the binding affected each piece. You can see my end results below. Enjoy!


  1. Love your results - they're really consistent. I especially like the little square with the banded corners - haven't seen it before - well done. I've had a go at a few basic techniques and have just started to post my first results. But now I've found another to try!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I wanted to say thank you for posting such a detailed tutorial. I'm especially grateful for the photos of the folds and their end results. I tried two of your folding methods at the shibori class I'm attending and managed to create some beautiful fabric. You're a star! Fiona

  3. Lindo ,tratare de hacerlo y luego te cuento.


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