Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Introducing the Moon and Stars bag

I've just finished the first large tooled leather purse for the store! It's a shoulder bag with swirling moon and star tooling and cut outs! I got the inspiration from watching old episodes of the tv series Carnivale (wikipedia). If you're unfamiliar with the show it's an HBO drama from the early 2000s that takes place in a traveling carnival during the 1930s dust bowel. The sets and costumes are so beautiful and period accurate that it's a production dream. I have both seasons box sets and put the episodes on as background noise while working on vintage sewing repairs. After about 12 episodes, I had day dreamed up this bag! It features a very carnivalesque swirling moon and star tooled pattern on the front and elaborate cutwork that reveals a second layer of colored leather underneath. The version I just finished has hot pink leather, but can be made to order with different colors. So, I'll be working on another with a different color soon. You can see the bag in the store HERE!

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