Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life lately...

Left: Garden blooms. Right: Antique store shopping.

Left and Right: What I wore, a 1940s novelty print pajama top. It has cute fans, flowers and birds. I wear it as a blouse with jeans.

Left: A day spent doing sewing repairs on vintage garments. Right: The same garments a week later, after being cleaned, getting photographed.

Top: What I've been reading lately. Bottom: What I found on a very successful trip to a thrift store.

Left: What I wore, a 1970s black peasant dress and obi belt. Right: I went to an awesome estate sale and came home with Indian block printed textiles and clothing (continued below)...

Top:...and from the same estate sale, 1940s hats and bags, and antique books. One is a world atlas from the year 1900! Bottom: 1930s white mesh spectator peep toe heels.

Left: 1950s sheer crocheted lace dress. Right: What I wore, a 1940s cotton floral maxi house dress.

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