Saturday, August 2, 2014

Project: Upcycling vintage leather

I have a tendency to sometimes get a little too excited when I find a vintage items and not notice the terrible flaws until I get home. Sigh. All too often I have to chuck hopeless items, but sometimes, I try to make the best of it and upcycle them. As was the case with these two vintage tooled leather items. The first is a 1950s tooled leather purse that had a torn strap, broken strap anchor points, seams coming apart and stains everywhere. After completely taking it apart, it got a new dye job to camouflage stains. Then it was sewn back together with the back straps discarded and replaced. Oh, and then I threw on tassels for the heck of it. The end result is below, and quite gorgeous.

The second item that I repurposed was a 1960s era tooled leather wallet. The inside pockets were torn, the whipstitching was frayed, and the outside was stained. A new paint job, new interior pockets, the addition of a snap to keep it closed and new stitching has brought it back to life again.

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