Monday, September 15, 2014

Life lately...

Top: The results of a successful day of thrifting, all fall items. Bottom: The pencil sketch boat print on a 1950s dress.

Top: The scene from an awesome vintage buying appointment. The place was literally crammed with vintage! Bottom: Vintage clothing piled in my studio.

Left: Riding a carousel at a carnival. Right: I met some horses while hiking.

Top: The goods from a vintage buying appointment. Bottom: Reattaching the lace lining of a 1950s cardigan.

Left: The view of the super moon through my telescope. Right: Red, red clay and rock formations on a hike.

Top and Bottom: Found two 1920s hand embroidered dresses. The top one will be in the shop soon and the bottom is mine.

Left: A 1950s patio dress headed for a bath. Right: The results of a day spent tooling leather.

Top: Fall hats! Bottom: I spent a lot of time photographing fall and winter items for the shop!

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