Monday, September 1, 2014

LIFE Magazines August 1946 and October 1953

I recently purchased two more LIFE Magazines with fashion editorials that I will share today. Both are very short, hence grouping them together in one post.

The first is from August 12, 1946 and features Loretta Young modeling the decades best pajamas. There are some very glamorous shots, so I do wonder why the footie pajamas were chosen for the cover image.

The second is from October 12, 1953 and features a backless gown fashion trend. Unfortunately, the inside only had one photo. Way too short of an editorial, for such a great set of gowns.

Eventhough this editorial was short, the magazine did have an awesome Crescendoe glove ad. I love the design on the ad image! And I would really love to see a pair of gloves like the black ones on bottom one day. Enjoy!

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