Monday, October 13, 2014

Life lately...

Left and right: Pretty vintage, both newer (70s) and antique!

Top: Replacing the elastic in a peasant blouse. Bottom: A 1930s silk pajama set.

Left: Fall weather started and I finally got a change to wear my ship leather jacket. Right: Exploring the desert.

Top: A large photo shoot in progress. Bottom: Southwestern vintage finds.

Left: A day spend repairing vintage. Right: Filling up my car with vintage.

Top: The back of a 1920s silk kimono robe. Bottom: 80s Jordache jeans.

Top: Two new addition to my wardrobe that I promptly wore, a 20s silk camisole and a 50s beaded clutch. Bottom: Baking pumpkin bread.

Top: A very lovely Edwardian dress. Bottom: The kachina print on a 50s circle skirt.

Top: Freshly cleaned vintage drying on the line. Bottom: Decorating my house for Halloween.

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