Saturday, January 17, 2015

Life lately...

Top: What I wore, a 1940s dressing gown. Bottom: Sparkly cocktail dresses getting ready for the shop.

Top: On the hunt for vintage. Bottom: I got a turn table for Christmas and started collecting records.

Left: My studio looked like a Disney princess mess for a while. Right: Hiking in the desert.

Top: What I wore, a 1980s trompe l'oeil sweater. Bottom: Pulling shoes out of storage to list in the shop in 2015.

Left: Tooling the Tiger Moth & Datura Bag. Right: My studio, on an average day.

Top: 1960s mod floral prints. Bottom: Shoes ready to be photographed.

Top: I brought home a great little antique book with awesome typography. Bottom: A photoshoot of an awesome 1970s lace angel sleeve dress.

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