Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Well Dressed Flapper

So, I've finally started watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and I am finally realizing what many other blogger has already said, Damn those costumes are gorgeous! Anyway, Phryne is one well dressed lady and when I came across this dressing guide on Pinterest (here), it did make me think of her. If you look at the picture below, a well dressed flapper could cost only $346.50! I wish I could emulate one of Phyrne's outfits for so little today. Enjoy!

What it Costs to be a Well Dressed Flapper. $150 coat, $25 blouse, $30 skirt, $20 handbag, $4.50 stockings, $5 flower clip, $10 pearl necklace, $8.50 gloves, $18.50 shoes for a total of $356.5!

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