Monday, February 16, 2015

Life lately...

Top: A very good day thrifting. Bottom: Two 1940s coats which were a part of the large haul in the top photo.

Top: Cleaning moccasins before photographing. Bottom: Photographing a 1950s dirndl.

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Top: I found an antique navajo rug for my house! Bottom: My first tooled leather project of the year, a custom gun holster for a local client.

Left: A 1940s floral peplum top. Right: A shawl getting a long soak.

Top: A J monogram sweater. Bottom: Filling an antique photo album with my own travel shots.

Top: What I wore, a jacket with a one of a kind lining. Bottom: Boyfriend jeans headed to the shop.

Left: A few patterns that I added to my collection. Right: The leaf print on a 1940s dress.

Top: A deadstock 80s fringed leather jacket. Bottom: Creamy hues in my studio.

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