Monday, March 16, 2015

Life lately...

Top: An awesome 1970s embroidered vest. Bottom: About to start a sewing project.

Left: What I wore, a 70s wolf embroidered red denim jacket. Right: Making an outfit out of the day's vintage finds.

Top: A spring dress being photographed. Bottom: A day's estate sale finds, all very southwestern.

Left and Right: I took weekly hikes in the desert and these are just a few shots.

Left: A 1950s dragonfly print scarf. Right: A 1920s beaded lace blouse.

Left and Right: Various stages of the restoration of a 1910s net lace dress, which I will do a whole post on later when it is finished.

Left: Replacing the buttons on a 30s dress. Right: Replacing missing beads on a 20s blouse.

Top: A 20s silk fishscale blouse. Bottom: Lacy lingerie headed to the shop this spring.

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