Monday, April 13, 2015

Life lately...

Top: A car load of vintage. Bottom: Spring rain coming to the desert.

A few additions to my vintage collection. Top: A 1950s blue silk cocktail dress and 1980s western fringed leather jacket. Bottom: 1990s burgundy Doc Martin's (along with a neighborhood cat).

Top: The trim applique on a 1950s circle skirt. Bottom: Lovely whites drying on the line.

Left: A 60s beaded dress fresh from a bath. Right: 2 80s kilim bags currently in the shop.

Top: 2 40s fox fur stoles, headed to the shop. Bottom: Photographing an india cotton festival dress.

Left: Lovely embroidered vintage finds. Right: I found 1950s pearl and shell encrusted shoes!

 Top: The large box of patterns, which I mentioned earlier and are currently being sold on Ebay. Bottom: Picking out lingerie for the shop.

Left: Photographing shoes. Right: Digging through very clustered racks of vintage.

Top: 2 1950s patio dresses. Bottom: Hiking in White Sands, NM.

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