Monday, May 25, 2015

Project: An Embroidered Blouse from Scraps

For my most recent project, I made the prettiest blouse out of old scraps, literally. I came across the remnants of a 1930s hand embroidered silk blouse in the sewing scraps at an estate sale. Even though the scraps were, literally damaged scraps, the hand embroidery was so pretty that it was impossible not to come home with them!

After cutting off all of the parts that were shattered and disintegrating, I did have enough fabric left to make either a camisole or blouse, if combined with something else. I happened to have an antique crochet yoke (I pick these up whenever I see them), so I combined the remaining embroidered fabric with the yoke to make the lovely blouse you see at the top and bottom. Now I have such a pretty blouse and honestly believe that taking the time to sort through fabric scraps at estate sales does pay off. Enjoy!


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