Monday, June 15, 2015

Life lately...

Top: A pretty view in my studio. Bottom: Photographing a killer pair of boots.

Left: A kachina print on a 60s skirt and (Right) the elephant/horse print on a 70s india cotton skirt.

Left: I brought home over 50 lbs of clothing from one estate sale! Right: Spring cactus blooms.

Left: 70s maxi dress preview. All of these dresses are either in the shop or will be shortly. Right: The hippie hand embroidery on a skirt.

Top: About to do some restoration to a few edwardian cottons. Bottom: Hiking rocky desert cliffs.

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you probably should. I preview so many great vintage garments there, like the ones above. And some of them never reach the shop, since I do take offers.

Left and Right: Novelty prints! One for me and one for the shop!

Top: Photographing a 20s dress with my dog, and shop assistant, who is always not far off camera. Bottom: An amazing 1930s feedsack quilt jacket.

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