Saturday, August 15, 2015

Life lately...

Left: One  of the perks of being a vintage seller, trying on all of the goofy hats that I find. Right: A 1950s embroidered cutwork linen dress.

Top: Perfectly broken in jeans. Bottom: I photographed an amazing hooded velvet princess coat. It'll be listed this fall!

Left: An embroidery project that I completed in my spare time. Right: I also refinished and antique cabinet, and I found beauty in stripping off the old layers of paint.

Top and Bottom: Taking summer hikes and meeting horses along the way!

I completed the Tiger Moth and Datura Bag in a new color, Aqua, for a customer. You can check out the full listing for the bag HERE.

Left: A new addition to my wardrobe, a 1930s peasant blouse. Right: A peacock printed silk scarf.

Left: I found some amazing 1950s shoes. If you are an 8-8.5 you are a lucky lady. Right: My "fix-it" pile, which includes everything from gluing down insoles, replacing broken purse snaps and replacing elastic waistbands.

Left: What I wore, a 1940s embroidered pajama top. Right: I found a beautiful Chimayo carpet!

Top and Bottom: Two amazing 1950s cocktail dresses found in the past month. One being photographed (which will be in the shop soon) and the other before a bath!

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