Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer Project Round Up

It's been a busy summer for me, project wise! I've completed four projects while trying to beat the heat. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen these before while I was working on them. If not, then read below for a short recap of what I've done.

In the spring, I found a lovely Edwardian cotton dress, which unfortunately had many tears to the shoulders and upper arms due to hangers (one of several reasons why I hate wire hangers. They are vintage destroyers!). It was much too lovely just to throw away so I spent an afternoon and carefully altered it and removed the sleeves and damaged part of the shoulders. This left me with a very lovely sleeveless dress.

I love vintage novelty print fabric and managed to come across two great prints (above and below) this summer. The first was a 1950s Persian fox hunting print and the second was a 1960s tiger/jungle print. From the first I had just enough to make myself a full skirt. The tiger printed fabric had enough for me to make a tank top and a circle skirt, below.

The most recent project I completed was embroidering a tribal thunderbird design on the back of a 1980s jean jacket. Enjoy!

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