Saturday, October 17, 2015

Life lately...

Left: Halloween racks at thrift stores are always chock full of vintage and I always love when they are first put out. Right: An 80s novelty jungle animal print party dress.

Left: An edwardian net lace blouse. Right: very colorful laundry hanging on the line.

Left: Someone gifted me a box of beat up old cowboy hats. They were all way too damaged for the shop, but I did have fun trying them on (Right).

Left: A 1960s faux leopard fur coat. Right: The embroidered detail of a 1930s peasant dress.

You probably don't remember the rainbow print maxi dress (left) since it was only in the store for 5 minutes, but if you do and you missed out, I found it's mini dress sister (right)!

Left: I spent and afternoon sorting through a really jam packed and hot, metal storage building. But, it paid off with some very nice things for me and the shop (right).

Left: Some of the best draping on a 1960s dress. Right: Decorating for Halloween.

Left: I added a few 1940s/50s patterns to my collection. Right: A 1950s silk cutwork cocktail dress.

Left and right: A days finds, prairie dress and fall ready footwear.

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