Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vintage Jockey Silks

If you are unfamiliar with what jockey silks are, it is the term used to call a horse racing jockey's uniform shirt. These shirts were formerly made from silk, hence the name silk, even though many modern ones are made from different fabrics. These shirts were usually custom made in a wild variety of colors and patterns for each jockey/team. There's actually a really interesting article about their history and function on CNN Here.

I recently was able to acquire a batch of real, custom made in the 1970s and raced in jockey silks, shown above and below. Since it would be really cool and easy to be a jockey for Halloween, I've already started listing them in the shop, and those that aren't will be listed shortly! Scroll down for the individual links below:

SOON! Green checkered jockey silk

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