Monday, November 16, 2015

Life lately...

Top: Fall desert views, Bottom: Halloween decorations, curios and an antique tailcoat.

So much laundry! Left: 1950s formal gets a rinse. Right: A cute sheep novelty print taking a soak.

Left: I found an awesome winter coat at the beginning of fall and it's now in the shop. Right: Two gorgeous skirts, heading to the shop soon.

Left: Constructing leather and lace bags. Right: Both vintage and handmade bags waiting to be photographed.

Top: Did you know that I do custom work? Yes! If you have an idea for something you would like, I can bring it to life for you, as was the case for this custom tote and wallet set. Bottom: The view from my studio while working on restoring a 1920s silk robe.

Left: I found the most bad ass 1940s fringe jacket ever. Right: Lots of great sweaters are coming to the shop!

Left: Having a really great day finding vintage. Right: One spectacular Lilli Ann coat found that day!

One amazing day yielded (Left) tons of perfectly broken in denim for the shop and (Right) a 1940s Chimayo purse that is my winter's restoration project.

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