Monday, January 4, 2016

A 1940s Chimayo Purse Restoration

In early November I managed to find an item from my vintage bucket list at an estate sale, a 1940s Chimayo purse. But it was in terrible condition! I still felt like it was salvageable, so I brought it home and decided to make it my winter restoration project. It was full of moth holes, literally hundreds of them, most pin sized, but ranging up to golf ball sized. It's lining had deteriorated and the handle was cracked so both of those would have to be replaced.

I took it carefully apart and bought matching yarn. I then spent a ridiculous amount of time carefully mending every single hole. I think I jumped for joy when I finally finished. I quickly sewed together a new lining with some left over fabric and sewed it all back together. Now, it just needed a new handle.

I'm not a fan of hand held purses. I prefer my hands free to do other things, so I decided to "upgrade" the handle to a set of shoulder straps and even make them fancy tooled leather ones. I designed and tooled a custom pattern just for this bag. Now the bag looks fabulous again and I'll be using it for some time to come! Enjoy!

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