Monday, February 15, 2016

Life lately...

Top: The inside of my car on a very successful day of vintage hunting. Bottom: A day spent finishing projects and tackling my fix it pile.

Top: So many great things were photographed, including this rare 1970s Oshwahkon leather jacket. Bottom: I love the detailed cutwork on this 1950s cotton dress.

Left: I spent a day digging through 1950s-70s shoes at a buying appointment. Right: India silk and cotton garments heading to the shop soon.

So many shade of red found! Left: A 1950s pintucked Mexican patio dress/set. Right: a 1940s cocktail dress, both are currently in the shop!

Left: My studio in the morning light. Right: I'm ready for spring, so of course I source a bunch of fall appropriate separates for the shop.

Left and right: I completed two new tooled leather projects. The bags on the left are currently available in the shop. The sandals on the right are a prototype and only time will tell if they will ever make it too the shop.

Left: The close up of the detail on a 1930s velvet gown in the shop. Right: 1950s circle skirt coming to the shop soon!

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