Friday, March 25, 2016

1950s Suede Jacket Western Makeover

While shopping for the store, I'm usually good about checking the vintage garments thoroughly for any major flaws before bringing them home. But sometimes, I get excited by the find and don't notice a flaw until later. This happened with this ladies 1950s suede sports jacket. I didn't notice until I got home that it had a few tears to the leather along the shoulders.

Instead of just throwing it away, I decided to upcycle. I had recently seen a 1950s fringed leather western coat with cowhide on the shoulders and thought it was kind of cool. There are examples (with links!) below. I used them as inspiration to cover the damaged shoulders and give the jacket a western look!

I purchased a hair on cowhide and yards of leather fringe from Tandy Leather. With come careful cutting and sewing, the shoulders were covered with a Western looking yoke applique edged in fringe. To tie in the rest of the jacket, I made matching patch pockets and lined the bottom edge in fringe also. Now I have a cute western jacket of my own! Enjoy!


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