Friday, April 15, 2016

Life lately...

Left: Fabulous 1940s finds. Right: Levi's Big E womens western jeans, now in the shop!

Left: Laundry day! Right: A 1940s dragon embroidered kimono robe.

Left: A 1930s completely hand sewn needlepoint lace blouse, coming to the shop soon. Right: A rare 1970s hooded dashiki jacket, now in the shop!

 Left: I photographed alot of spring and summer ready items, including (right) this 1930s stunner!

Left: A bag project, which I will share soon! Right: I found a super rare North Beach Leather hippie pant suit, now in the shop here!

Left: Spring garment preview, all are boho and most are already in the shop. Right: Spring boot preview and both are now in the shop.

Left and Right: I came across a 1964 Sears catalog. It was six inches of awesomeness, but the page on the right was my favorite.

Left and Right: I've been creating leather bags like crazy! Here's a preview of a few in the works!

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