Sunday, May 15, 2016

Life lately...

Top: Photographing a 1970s Uzbek chapan coat. Bottom: A fresh round of tapestry bags will be headed to the shop soon!

Left: I picked up and assortment of 1930s-50s lingerie, all of which is now in the shop! Right: I made an epic fringe leather bag prototype. Right now I'll take custom orders for them on an individual basis and will eventually add them to the shop.

Awesome estate sale finds! Top: 3 complete WWII white naval uniforms, sized for a womans S/M, all heading to the shop after a cleaning. Bottom: A late 1800s quilt for me!

Left: 2 1920s beaded flapper necklaces and a 1930s bakelite necklace. Right: Making outfits! A 1970s gauze top, wide leg chambray pants and tooled leather bag.

Left: Piecing together a 1930s silk kimono that someone had half taken apart. Right: I took several day trips and this is all of the loot that I brought home in just a two week period! Some of my favorite pieces from my travels are previewed below!

Left: A 1970s suzani embroidered vest. Right: A 1950s crocheted straw swing coat and 1960s lace mini dress.

Left: A 1950s dachshund novelty print blouse. Right: Awesome western wear from all eras!

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