Thursday, September 15, 2016

Life lately...

Top: Photographing a great 1950s dress with a stand up collar and batik print. Bottom: One weekend's fabulous finds!

Left: An estate sale yeilded some very pretty wall papers. All orders will be wrapped in them while supplies last! Right: A truly amazing 1950s novelty print circle skirt.

So many pretty things photographed! Top: A 1950s rhinestone studded bandana print dress. Bottom: A 1940s chrysanthemum printed kimono.

A round up of my most recent finds! Left: A 1940s dragon embroidered kimono robe. Middle: A 1960s lace cutwork dress. Right: A 1940s Bavarian embroidered wool coat, hood and glove set.

Left: The amazing draping on a 1950s dress. Right: A very cheeky and fun clothing tag.

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