Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life lately...

Left: A spectacularly embroidered 1940s dress that sold in the blink of an eye. Right: This year, I decided to paint a life sized, 7ft tall Christmas tree.

Top: I found and listed a ton of 1920s-40s lingerie in the past month, including (bottom) a gorgeous 1920s lime green silk teddy!

Cold winter days had me cooped up indoors and catching up on (left) sweater shaving, my least favorite task for the shop, and sewing projects. One of which (right), was a circle skirt inspired by Seminole patchwork. I've previously blogged about my crush on Seminole patchwork here.

Top: A scene from my first hike of 2017. Bottom: I'm still photographing and listing sweaters, like this 1980s fuzzy one, now in the shop!

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