Friday, September 15, 2017

Life lately...

Left: More deadstock shoes! This time its mens shoes, but in smaller sizes perfect for a woman. Both pairs are in the shop! Right: A sneak peek at a gorgeous 1960s/70s turkish velvet embroidered vest.

Left: Fall accessory preview! All of these items are coming to the shop this fall, and some are already there! Right: Me modeling a dress and bag for the shop. Both go so well together and are currently available for purchase.

Top: A pair of 1960s sneakers with the cutest novelty print insoles! Bottom: Mexican rebozos in every color of the rainbow!

Top: I found "his and hers" 1970s wool blanket coats! Now in the shop. Bottom: I spy a horse peeking out of the flowers on this belt!

Left: A complete WWII era embroidered silk pajama set, still in the original box, was listed in the shop. Right: A sneak peek at an awesome 1940s dragon embroidered jacket heading to the shop soon!

Left: I was lucky enough to source a 1950s heavy sterling silver Navajo concho belt for the shop!! Right: My vintage outfit of the day, a 1920s embroidered blouse and turquoise petit point squash blossom necklace.

Top: 1930s racerback awesomeness. Bottom: One lucky estate sale yeilded 1970s perfectly faded bellbottoms and boots all in larger waist and foot sizes.

Left: Photographing a huge (over 7 ft end to end including fringe) 1920s embroidered piano shawl. Right: Another custom tooled leather bird wing bracelet shipped out to it's new home!

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