Monday, January 15, 2018

Life lately...

Left: If you remember last year, I started painting a life size Christmas tree and only got as far as the tree itself. This year I added bows and a ribbon border on the sides. Right: Two 1950s paint by number paintings that were listed (and promptly sold) in the home decor shop.

Left: Photographing vintage Mexican home decor items. Right: I listed an industrial bread loaf pan that would make an awesome succulent planter.

Top: Two vintage drawstring bags, both heading to the clothing shop soon! Bottom: One of the antique textbooks I listed has the best 1930s era student doodles!

Left: The print on a killer 1940s era camp blanket and (Right) the amazing dragon embroidery on a 1930s silk robe.

Left: A handful of single salvaged antique drawer knobs, just waiting for a project. Right: Such a gorgeous 1940s bullion beaded cape!

Left: Happy New Years! in vintage stencils even! Right: Behind the scenes, well behaved shop assistants and photoshoots.

Left: Check out the beading, embroidery and cutwork on this 1960's blouse! Right: I'm even making a rare appearance thanks to a fantastic pair of 1970s octagon shades.

Left: The cutest 1970s butterfly dish. Right: A preview of a 1930s gauze dress.

Two 1970s macrame plant hangers, now in the shop!

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